Whats one of the best games of 2020? The Perfect Date Game!

What is The Perfect Date Game?

That's a great question!  We did the research, and, we couldn't find "The Perfect Date Game", so we decided to create it! Many of our game testers have stated that this game is therapeutic!  Now, we're not scientists...technically, but that data makes a lot of sense to us, because our game is based on scientific research and academic studies on human behavior and human connection. To find out what The Perfect Date Game would need to consist of was easy, we just needed to know what The Perfect Date would consist of. Based on our experiences, the good, the bad, and the ugly paired with scientific investigation we were able to come up with the perfect ingredients for a perfect date game. There are tons of fun games on the market, like Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly. And while we did add an element of competition and humor to our game,  the primary focus of our 2 player game is to inspire stronger face to face connections and bring out the best qualities  in people. That makes our game different from other games on the market.  Our game is perfect for family, friends, couples, or people wanting to get to know someone better..no pressure. Our 2 player Open Up Deck for adults can be played on special romantic occasions like valentines day and anniversaries, or you can play it on any random day of the week with a friend or anyone you just want to get to know better. We are constantly adding and building on to our game!  So it grows and develops with our players! This is what makes  it The Perfect Date Game. 

OPEN Deck for The Perfect Date Game. We want to make dating great. And inspire authentic connections

The Perfect Date Game-Open UP Deck 2020 (c)

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