Whats one of the best games of 2020? The Perfect Date Game!

The Perfect date game bloopers pt. 1

Maurice secretly records Angel, his mom, as she 

warms up to record a video to introduce  

The Perfect Date Game Raffle..

Um..sorry you guys have to see and hear  this..

How to Play-The Perfect Date Game Open UP! Edition

Everything you need to know about how to play The Perfect Date Game.

J. Lynn reacts to The Perfect Date Game!

Angel invited her best friend J. Lynn over so that she could see what Angel had been working tirelessly on for the last month!  J Lynn's reaction to The Perfect Date Game for the first time is so heartfelt and just priceless! Watch for yourself!!

The Perfect Date Game-How it all started! 

J Lynn is playing the Perfect Date Game-Arizona

Jay and Angel are out at a park playing The Perfect Date Game...Jay doesn't like to "Share The Time"...Technically, she lost coins...lol